As being an MBA graduate in the agriculture field, I always wanted to give a true meaning to my skills and adequacy. So after completing my MBA degree and working as a biotechnologist and agriculturist in different companies for two years, I decided of starting my own venture of dairy farming. Basically, there is an incident behind my dairy farming initiative. Once my nephew came from abroad to visit me and I decided to make it a special experience for him by purchasing a cow. We started rearing it for milk purpose and everyone in the house liked it very much, at that time I decided of investing in the dairy farming venture. Moreover, I was also very interested in animals since my childhood.

In 2015, my wife (Ankita- she is also an MBA graduate from my college) and I decided to start our own dairy farm. So, I attended a short training at NDRI Karnal before starting dairy farming and in the meanwhile, my wife Ankita looked after all the construction work of the farm. We started with 6 Holstein cross breed cows and now we have 34 Holstein/ Jersey cross breed cows and 7 indigenous cows (Sahiwal, Red Sindhi, Tharparker) at our farm. We named our farm Urban Dairy with the mission to redefine the concept of dairy farming by blending the rural theme with the city, a fusion of two regions, which are completely opposite to each other.

Other than dairy farming we are also actively involved in the organic farming of vegetables. Earlier my wife used that land as a kitchen garden, but now the land has totally turned into an organic piece of fertile acreage which we are using for farming wheat, chickpea, carrot, garlic, chillies, coriander, and seasonal veggies. We use farm crops for the cow’s feed and home purpose also. We never use fertilizer and pesticide on that land.



Journey of Fresh Milk from Farm to Doorsteps

Dairy Farm

There are total 7 workers for the maintenance of the farm, they take care of cow’s bathing, feeding and hygiene.

Milking Process

Manually and with the help of machine milking is done in the morning and evening.


Fresh milk is then packed and sealed into glass bottles after the filtration process.


After the packaging process milk is delivered to every doorstep of the customer in the city.

No extra additive is added in the milk!


In case if you have any message for us you can contact us through mail.
Address: Urban Dairy, District Unnao (55 km from Kanpur), Uttar Pradesh.

Phone No: 9918480555